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Little surprises in life can have big impacts. If you’ve been following me on social media, then you’ll know that I sold 3 new paintings BEFORE my show with Sivarulrasa Gallery even opened. How cool is that? well…ITS PRETTY FLIPP’N AWESOME! I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my show INWARD. Many, many thanks to the wonderful Amaryllia Liu from sunny California. It gladdens my heart to know that my work will be hung in a gorgeous new home, appreciated and loved by an admirer. I particularly love the fact that a piece of me will always be somewhere that’s warm…at least for most of the year.

Thanks so much Amaryllia for making a huge splash in my little pond!

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Fall Into Art

I can’t believe it’s September..where did the summer go? Oh right! I remember…I was painting and painting…and, oh yeah, have I mentioned that… I was painting?!  All that sequestering in my studio while the weather, warm and gorgeous, tempted me mercilessly, I was painting furiously for a new show that is opening in TWO days! I’m so excited to announce that not only do I have a new show to tell you about, but a new partnership with a little gem of a gallery at the heart of Almonte. At this moment SIVARULRASA GALLERY is unwrapping twelve new paintings of mine that will be accompanied by a few familiar favourites.  I share the honour of this show with the talented painter Tami Galili Ellis.

Beneath Amaranthine Clouds

*NEW – Beneath Amaranthine Clouds, 2015

Tami and I will be at the Vernissage on Sept 27th and I highly recommend that you take a detour in your travels on that day to come see this show. Here’s what you need to know:

where?   SIVARULRASA GALLERY (83 Little Bridge St., Almonte, ON)

when?    SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2015 (2  4pm) Show will run from Sept 19th – Oct 25th

See you there!!




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