Fall Into Art

I can’t believe it’s September..where did the summer go? Oh right! I remember…I was painting and painting…and, oh yeah, have I mentioned that… I was painting?!  All that sequestering in my studio while the weather, warm and gorgeous, tempted me mercilessly, I was painting furiously for a new show that is opening in TWO days! I’m so excited to announce that not only do I have a new show to tell you about, but a new partnership with a little gem of a gallery at the heart of Almonte. At this moment SIVARULRASA GALLERY is unwrapping twelve new paintings of mine that will be accompanied by a few familiar favourites.  I share the honour of this show with the talented painter Tami Galili Ellis.

Beneath Amaranthine Clouds

*NEW – Beneath Amaranthine Clouds, 2015

Tami and I will be at the Vernissage on Sept 27th and I highly recommend that you take a detour in your travels on that day to come see this show. Here’s what you need to know:

where?   SIVARULRASA GALLERY (83 Little Bridge St., Almonte, ON)

when?    SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2015 (2  4pm) Show will run from Sept 19th – Oct 25th

See you there!!




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Opening Night

Opening night of OUT OF THE BLUE was a brilliant affair!  Patrons, family and friends along with many other gallery visitors enjoyed the artwork and received personal insight into the work directly from the artist…ME!  …and I loved it!  Discussing the work and absorbing the the genuine interest from the public has always been the most fun and exciting part of a vernissage to me.  To my great delight, two of my paintings sold that evening: Bridging the Gap and Upon the Rocks of Avalon.  Thank you to my new patrons and to Cube Gallery for making my opening night a very memorable one.

The show will run until November 24th.  Recommended by Paul Gessell in the ‘going  out’ section of the Ottawa Magazine, come visit my show at Cube Gallery.


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Out of the Blue

The time has come.…  My solo show OUT OF THE BLUE is now showcasing at Cube Gallery in Ottawa.  After a harrowing time battling the rain and encountering unexpected car troubles last weekend, the work arrived safe and sound at the gallery.  It was well received by the curator and the work looks stunning in the space.

Vernissage will be hosted in my honour on Sunday, November 10th at the gallery from 2 – 5pm.  I hope to see you there!

The show runs from November 5 – 26th, 2013

Cube Gallery 1285 Wellington St. West, Ottawa.  www.cubegallery.ca  1.613.728.1750


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Fast Forward to the Present

Over the last several months, my inspirations and creativity has held me captive in my studio. Busily transferring this artistry onto canvas with a flurry of brushes and knives, I continue to prepare for my solo show with Cube Gallery.  Located in our capital, Cube Gallery plays a gracious host to my series of *NEW WORK*. Don’t miss it!

The show runs from Nov 5 – 26th.  Come join us on Nov 10th to celebrate the opening of my new show!

Mary Wong – Solo Show *OUT OF THE BLUE*

Cube Gallery, 1285 Wellington St. West, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 3A8, www.cubegallery.ca

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