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As the new year turned the corner and I fell into step with a renewed invigorated creativity, I completed a commission project for my friends Kris and Helen.  Years ago, Kris acquired a small blue painting of mine from my series of miniatures.  Now, two more little paintings join his one, creating a beautiful trilogy of colour.  One of the challenges with commission work is that, sometimes, your artistic vision may not aligned with the expectations of the client’s.  However when a client’s expectations are exceeded, there can be no greater compliment. Helen and Kris loved them!

Here they are displayed together in the studio before they left for their new home.

Nebula I, II, III





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A Spring Zephyr through the Vale

A Spring Zephyr through the Vale

2015 is shaping up to be a good year so far.   Resolutions in tow, I got my butt back into yoga and my creative juices flowing in the art studio.  To kick off the new year, I’ll be showing my newest painting at Cube Gallery this month in celebration of the gallery’s 10th anniversary.  The vernissage is held Sunday, January 11th, 2 – 5pm.  Packing my bags as I finish writing this post…can’t wait!  I’ll be at the opening, as will many of my fellow artists.

Come join us!

CUBE GALLERY 1285 wellington st. west

Vernissage January 11th, 2 – 5pm, 2015

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