Total Eclipse…

of the HEAAARRRT! Go ahead, sing it loud and know you want to 🙂

Not only did we experience a supermoon solar eclipse this past Sunday but a lively art opening could be seen and heard at 83 Little Bridge Street in Almonte, ON.  I couldn’t have asked for a better opening reception with a robust crowd of people that came from all over the Ottawa area to see the show. Many thanks to Tami Galili Ellis whose beautiful paintings were a pleasure to see next to my own, the talented Flautist Christian Paquette whose music was the perfect compliment to the work and of course, show curator Sanjeev Sivarulrasa. I have to give special thanks to Sanjeev for making this show happen for me. Initially, it had taken some work to coordinate and align our schedules to get this show off the ground but I’m so thrilled that it worked out. What a fantastic show!

Christian Paquette, Mary Wong, Tami Galili Ellis, Sanjeev Sivarulrasa

Christian Paquette, Mary Wong, Tami Galili Ellis, Sanjeev Sivarulrasa











To my surprise and great pleasure the very talented painter Norman Takeuchi and his wife Marion also made an appearance! I am honoured.  You can catch Norman at his upcoming exhibition at the Ottawa Gallery in his new show Truth of the Matter. I encourage you to go to the opening reception Oct 1. Norman is a fantastic painter!

Norman Takeuchi and I

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Staying Connected

Little surprises in life can have big impacts. If you’ve been following me on social media, then you’ll know that I sold 3 new paintings BEFORE my show with Sivarulrasa Gallery even opened. How cool is that? well…ITS PRETTY FLIPP’N AWESOME! I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my show INWARD. Many, many thanks to the wonderful Amaryllia Liu from sunny California. It gladdens my heart to know that my work will be hung in a gorgeous new home, appreciated and loved by an admirer. I particularly love the fact that a piece of me will always be somewhere that’s warm…at least for most of the year.

Thanks so much Amaryllia for making a huge splash in my little pond!

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Fall Into Art

I can’t believe it’s September..where did the summer go? Oh right! I remember…I was painting and painting…and, oh yeah, have I mentioned that… I was painting?!  All that sequestering in my studio while the weather, warm and gorgeous, tempted me mercilessly, I was painting furiously for a new show that is opening in TWO days! I’m so excited to announce that not only do I have a new show to tell you about, but a new partnership with a little gem of a gallery at the heart of Almonte. At this moment SIVARULRASA GALLERY is unwrapping twelve new paintings of mine that will be accompanied by a few familiar favourites.  I share the honour of this show with the talented painter Tami Galili Ellis.

Beneath Amaranthine Clouds

*NEW – Beneath Amaranthine Clouds, 2015

Tami and I will be at the Vernissage on Sept 27th and I highly recommend that you take a detour in your travels on that day to come see this show. Here’s what you need to know:

where?   SIVARULRASA GALLERY (83 Little Bridge St., Almonte, ON)

when?    SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2015 (2  4pm) Show will run from Sept 19th – Oct 25th

See you there!!




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