Here we are, Fall 2017.

I’m back at writing to you all which means, I’ve got NEWS!  Are you all still there?…Patiently waiting for my grand return? I will freely admit, this blogging thing isn’t really working out consistently but know this one truth…when I’m not here, it means that I’m doing what I love…painting in the studio. Leading up to this moment, I’ve been working on a new solo show at Blue Crow Gallery here in Toronto. Opening night is this Saturday, Nov 4th, from 7-9pm. I will be there to welcome you, so please! Come say hello!

Blue Crow Gallery 1610 Gerrard St. East, Toronto, ON

Solo Exhibit @ Blue Crow Gallery, Vernissage Nov 4th, 7-9pm. Come Meet the Artist!


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A Man, A Fish

A Man, A Fish by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard. Cover Art by Mary Wong

Three years ago I met this very funny, very exuberant and terrifically thought provoking playwright by the name of Donna-Michelle St. Bernard.  She is a talented and an award winning author. Gracing the jacket of Donna’s newly published book is a detail from my painting Out of the Blue.  I’m so excited…TRULY, over the moon to share this wonderful news with you all!

A Man, A Fish is now widely available including libraries, online, as well as in stores at independent and major book retailers including Chapters Indigo and If you would like to purchase a signed copy by both Donna and I, please contact me at and we will make it happen!

A Man, A Fish $23 (includes shipping in Canada)         !!! GET YOUR COPY NOW !!!

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What it means to do an outdoor art show….

This past weekend was the 17th Riverdale Art walk in Leslieville. I couldn’t have asked for better weather, or for better neighbouring Artists to share this experience with. In our little corner of the art show, laughs were had, tears were shed, experiences were shared in support of each other and in lessons learned. All this came to mind as I sat down to write this post. So i’m about to share with you the reality of what it’s like to work towards a show, especially exhibiting outdoors, and what it means to the artists who stand behind their work.

Two major components come straight to mind: time and money. Each artist in his or her own way needs enough time to consider, develop and refine the work. This can only be achieved if time can be allocated to the task. In some cases, this means that other tasks and responsibilities are absorbed by a spouse or left abandoned on a long to-do list during this extensive time. Secondly, outdoor shows cost a lot of money.  Materials in the creation of the work, submission fees to get into the show, equipment rentals, food, parking, and hotel expenses quickly add up.  Before you know it, a thousand dollars has been spent and the show hasn’t even started yet.  At the end of the day though, I have found that what truly makes a show like the Riverdale Art Walk a success for me is the support I receive from my family and friends throughout the process. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child..”…well, it also takes a village to exhibit at an outdoor art show.

Outdoor show are all about the hustle. I have found that setting up for an outdoor show requires at least 2 people to pitch the tent, unload the vehicle, unwrap the work and hang the work.  It can be exhausting and stressful to set the work up every morning and tear down the show every night to ensure that the work rests safely away from unsuspecting theft during the night. Every decision to conserve on expenses increases the dependency on your village, just as without a village, expenditures climb exponentially.

Despite it all, Artists continue to make their work and showcase them because we are passionate about what we do.  For me, it’s about engaging the public one on one and being able to share my vision in hopes that connections are made and stories are shared. Artists are storytellers, except the words on our pages play upon colour, texture and spatial perspectives. As important as it is for exhibiting Artists to sell their work at these types of venues, sometimes, a compliment or a shared conversation about the work can be of equal value.

I dedicate this post to “my village”, especially my husband, whose love and support continues to carry me forward. A heart felt thanks to my clients and friends who came to show their support making the Riverdale Art Walk a personal and professional success for me this year.

Thank you!!

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Riverdale Artwalk this weekend….

I’ll admit, it’s been a while…but i’ve had good reason. The Riverdale Artwork marks my fourth show this year and the last 3 were back to back. It’s been a little intense at the studio but tomorrow, bright and early, the fun begins!

You can find me at BOOTH 49 @ JIMMIE SIMPSON PARK, located at Booth Avenue and Queen Street East.

Come visit me! I’m always happy to see familiar faces, and I always appreciate your show of support for me, as well as for our other local artisans.

To see where I am, click this link ->   RIVERDALE ARTWALK PARK MAP

See you all soon!


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Back at it…

IMG_0876Preparing for a show usually involves copious amounts of coffee, working long hours with frustrated hair pulling, maybe some tears and definitely loads more coffee. My husband can always tell I’m in the zone when random coffee cups can be seen strewn across the floor and discovered in various nooks around the studio. After the paintings get shipped off and installed, I let out this breath that I didn’t even know that I was holding in…my shoulders sag and I think, THANK GOD! I can take a break now!

Breaks are lovely, so lovely in fact that I sometimes let sunny afternoons on patios,  leisurely weekend mornings and the distracting feelings of no looming deadlines lure me away from my studio. Oh, so tempting…

Not this time, thinking cap firmly on and armed with brushes in hand, the face-off begins once again. Two more shows on the horizon: RECONDITE with Cube Gallery (June 2 – 28th)and RIVERDALE ART WALK (June 6 and 7th)

Bring it on baby!     …now where did that coffee go.

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See It! * Love It! * Buy It!

Sadly, the last day of the LOVE ART FAIR will be coming to a close tomorrow.  If you haven’t had the chance to drop by yet, you have until 6pm on Sunday to indulge your senses. See my new work at Booth A7 with the Artist Network Gallery! …and let your self be carried away by the sights and sounds.

Even my four year old is excited to share the LOVE!

IMG_1290 IMG_1289 - Version 2


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Ready, Set, Go

Studio Image

Today, masses of art professionals descend upon the Love Art Fair to install artwork and prepare for Thursday’s Private Viewing. Ya!  I am super excited!

Before I head down there though, I start the age old process of tidying them up and making them presentable. As much as I love the process of painting, one of my most favourite things to do is pulling the green tape off the sides of my paintings when they are done. Best feeling ever!  It is like unwrapping the best Christmas present in the history of gifts. I also love how the tape with it’s smudges of colourful paint cling to various strands, as well as the wall, unveiling this beautiful cascading bouquet. I think i need to incorporate this sculptural aftermath into a future art exhibition…hmmm.

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Showing my love at the LOVE ART FAIR (April 16 – 19th, 2015)

Sunlit Bouquet 02

*NEW – Sunlit Bouquet 02, 2015

Spring has sprung and love is in the air once again!

What better way to revel in the celebration of renewal, than to bask in the sultry colours and inspiring talent of Toronto’s best Artists at the Love Art Fair this weekend. With fifty local and international galleries showcasing an amazing array of contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and original prints, there will be many and much to thrill the art lover in you. My NEW paintings will be showcased alongside my talented colleagues at the Artist’s Network Gallery in Booth A7.   As you step across the threshold with latte in hand and slightly breathless in anticipation, just remember one thing…

See It, Love It, Buy It.  




Mary Wong @ Love Art Fair, Heritage Court, Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Pace April 16-19th, 2015

Private Viewing: Thursday, April 16 (7pm – 10pm)

Art After Dark Party: Friday, April 17 (7pm – 10pm)

General Admission: Friday, April 17 (12pm – 10pm), Saturday, April 18 (11am – 7pm), Sunday, April 19 (11am – 6pm)

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