See It! * Love It! * Buy It!

Sadly, the last day of the LOVE ART FAIR will be coming to a close tomorrow.  If you haven’t had the chance to drop by yet, you have until 6pm on Sunday to indulge your senses. See my new work at Booth A7 with the Artist Network Gallery! …and let your self be carried away by the sights and sounds.

Even my four year old is excited to share the LOVE!

IMG_1290 IMG_1289 - Version 2


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Ready, Set, Go

Studio Image

Today, masses of art professionals descend upon the Love Art Fair to install artwork and prepare for Thursday’s Private Viewing. Ya!  I am super excited!

Before I head down there though, I start the age old process of tidying them up and making them presentable. As much as I love the process of painting, one of my most favourite things to do is pulling the green tape off the sides of my paintings when they are done. Best feeling ever!  It is like unwrapping the best Christmas present in the history of gifts. I also love how the tape with it’s smudges of colourful paint cling to various strands, as well as the wall, unveiling this beautiful cascading bouquet. I think i need to incorporate this sculptural aftermath into a future art exhibition…hmmm.

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Showing my love at the LOVE ART FAIR (April 16 – 19th, 2015)

Sunlit Bouquet 02

*NEW – Sunlit Bouquet 02, 2015

Spring has sprung and love is in the air once again!

What better way to revel in the celebration of renewal, than to bask in the sultry colours and inspiring talent of Toronto’s best Artists at the Love Art Fair this weekend. With fifty local and international galleries showcasing an amazing array of contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and original prints, there will be many and much to thrill the art lover in you. My NEW paintings will be showcased alongside my talented colleagues at the Artist’s Network Gallery in Booth A7.   As you step across the threshold with latte in hand and slightly breathless in anticipation, just remember one thing…

See It, Love It, Buy It.  




Mary Wong @ Love Art Fair, Heritage Court, Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Pace April 16-19th, 2015

Private Viewing: Thursday, April 16 (7pm – 10pm)

Art After Dark Party: Friday, April 17 (7pm – 10pm)

General Admission: Friday, April 17 (12pm – 10pm), Saturday, April 18 (11am – 7pm), Sunday, April 19 (11am – 6pm)

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Artwork at Balzac’s Cafe

Before I start work at the studio, I treat myself to coffee at Balzac’s. The space is gorgeous, the people familiar and friendly. It’s a wonderful way for me to slip into my creative space with good vibes and caffeine flowing through my veins. If you’ve never ventured upstairs, comfy chairs and couches offer a warm, contemplative space. A perfect spot, in my opinion, to enjoy the artwork that I’ve recently hung for the month of February.


Balzac’s Cafe in the Distillery District.

Feb 4 – 28




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Commission Work

As the new year turned the corner and I fell into step with a renewed invigorated creativity, I completed a commission project for my friends Kris and Helen.  Years ago, Kris acquired a small blue painting of mine from my series of miniatures.  Now, two more little paintings join his one, creating a beautiful trilogy of colour.  One of the challenges with commission work is that, sometimes, your artistic vision may not aligned with the expectations of the client’s.  However when a client’s expectations are exceeded, there can be no greater compliment. Helen and Kris loved them!

Here they are displayed together in the studio before they left for their new home.

Nebula I, II, III





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new year, new work, new show

A Spring Zephyr through the Vale

A Spring Zephyr through the Vale

2015 is shaping up to be a good year so far.   Resolutions in tow, I got my butt back into yoga and my creative juices flowing in the art studio.  To kick off the new year, I’ll be showing my newest painting at Cube Gallery this month in celebration of the gallery’s 10th anniversary.  The vernissage is held Sunday, January 11th, 2 – 5pm.  Packing my bags as I finish writing this post…can’t wait!  I’ll be at the opening, as will many of my fellow artists.

Come join us!

CUBE GALLERY 1285 wellington st. west

Vernissage January 11th, 2 – 5pm, 2015

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Post Show Mellow

Mary at TOAE 2014

What an amazing weekend!

THANK YOU! …to all who came out to show their support for me and for my work!  I really appreciated it, and truly felt the love everyone brought with them.

The TOAE proved to be a very successful show for me.  I met many wonderful people in these past few days: friends, clients and colleagues alike. I feel so very fortunate that many of my paintings have now found homes and a new level of appreciation.

This weekend has left me tired but happy and inspired.

I’m off to the studio now to make some magic happen.

– M.

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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

Dear Ci, You Brighten Up My Day

Dear Ci, You Brighten Up My Day

The TOAE is right around the corner and I’m so happy to be a part of such a great venue once again.  Some of you will remember me from previous years sweating under the beating sun and keeping cool by eating more popsicles than one should!  This year will be no different except I’m a little older and (hopefully!) a little wiser.

More importantly though, I’ll be bringing new work.

The vibe of the show is electric, exciting and generally very fun to experience for both exhibiting artists and visitors alike.

Be sure to come by and give me a high five at BOOTH H22

Show hours:

Friday, Saturday 10:30am – 7:30pm

Sunday 10:30am – 6:30pm


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New Website

After much discussion with my tech guy, we decided that a new website was in order to follow in the foot steps of my well received show.  Welcome to the new and improved  We have great plans for this site with many future additions such as a store front.  As it is with anything that is worth building upon, we are always seeking new ways to make your experience more user friendly, convenient and enjoyable.

Come visit me here often! You can get the latest news and hot off the press images of my new work right here on my site.

I’ll see you soon!

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Opening Night

Opening night of OUT OF THE BLUE was a brilliant affair!  Patrons, family and friends along with many other gallery visitors enjoyed the artwork and received personal insight into the work directly from the artist…ME!  …and I loved it!  Discussing the work and absorbing the the genuine interest from the public has always been the most fun and exciting part of a vernissage to me.  To my great delight, two of my paintings sold that evening: Bridging the Gap and Upon the Rocks of Avalon.  Thank you to my new patrons and to Cube Gallery for making my opening night a very memorable one.

The show will run until November 24th.  Recommended by Paul Gessell in the ‘going  out’ section of the Ottawa Magazine, come visit my show at Cube Gallery.


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